Marathon effort from rowers

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BOSTON Rowing Club held their rowing marathon on the Witham on Saturday.

An eight-man crew from the Carlton Road club rowed the gruelling 31-mile course from Lincoln to Boston in four-and-a-quarter hours.

The rescheduled event, on hold from September, took place on Sunday because of the high amount of weed on the river during the previous year.

And with 62 boats taking part over the weekend, Boston Rowing Club will now gather feedback as to whether the rescheduled date is to be a preferred permanent fixture.

Many supporters lined the route of the river along the way and the Boston crew were cheered loudly as they crossed the finishing line.

The Boston crew was made up of Leanne Cozens (cox), and (from seats bow to stroke); Lorrie Armstrong, Angie West, Debbie Sutton, Adrian Apletree, Pat Burns, Helen Graves, Gill Roberts, and Mia Heaton.