Marathon efforts

This crew from Dusseldorf took on the rowing marathon.
This crew from Dusseldorf took on the rowing marathon.

The annual Lincoln to Boston Rowing Marathon was once again hosted by Boston Rowing Club.

The 30-mile contest is a unique event in the sport and often sees teams from all over the globe arrive to compete.

This year was no different as rowers from Spain, Germany and Ireland all took part.

A total of 164 boats entered with around 400 rowers aged from 13 to 70-plus taking part.

There were even rowers taking part in their 49th, 39th and 29th marathons.

The fastest boat of the day was a Masters D 4x- from Durham ARC.

Several inaugural records were set, such as in the Mixed Mas A 4x+, WIM3 8x+ & MasE Nov 1x categories.

Boston was represented by Robert Parker, who won the Mas D Nov 1x and set a new record, beating his own record by one minute.

Adrian Appletree competed in the Mas D 1x and the Housam family took on the Mixed IM1 2x title.

Boston also welcomed thir first LTA (legs, trunk and arms) para- rowing female athlete, Lucy Radley, who completed the course in five hours and 38 mins.