Mareham back in the Jubilee Cup groove

LAST year’s finalists Mareham le Fen have tasted success again in the Coningsby Bowls League’s Jubilee Cup...

Jubilee Cup

LAST year’s finalists Mareham le Fen succeeded against Wrangle B, who played one short and lost badly on two rinks to give a 78-31 result.

Division Two Sibsey Strollers travelled to Friskney, winning on two rinks to give them a 43-51 finish.

On the Forbes Road green, Sibsey Millars lost by a single shot on two rinks.

But the home rink, skipped by D. Toynton, won decisively to give a 60-38 finish.

Wrangle A gave Woodhall Town a bit of a scare in the woods, winning one rink well but just losing the game 47-45.

The holders, Castle, won well on two rinks to take their home match with Good Fellowship 59-49.

Fred Powell Trophy

WIFTOFT won well at home to Donnington A with two good rink wins, for a 51-41 finish.

Horncastle appeared to struggle in their home tie with Swineshead.

They had one close rink win but lost badly on the other two, going down 34-66.

BBC I had two good rink wins at home to Stickney, but lost badly on the third to go down 50-51 in a close game.

Division Three

FREISTON B played one player short at BBC I and gave as good as they got.

After one good rink win each, the home side just took the third 18-16 to take the aggregate and the match 48-46 (6-2).

Two good results for Heckington saw them beat Stickney 64-32 (8-0) and West Skirbeck 63-44 (8-0).

Division Four

SLEAFORD Road and Swineshead had a close game.

With a rink win each, and one drawn, the home side took the aggregate thanks to the Harrison rink, in the 55-41 (5-3) finish.

Woodhall Nymphs, at home to Donington A, just lost the third rink 12-18 and the aggregate 45-49, having won a rink 22-11 to lose the match 2-6.

Donington II had three good rink wins at home to Horncastle, recording a 58-42 (8-0) win.

Division Five

GOSBERTON lost out to Boston Park 39-57 (0-8).

Sibsey Traders met Bicker, with the latter obviously enjoying playing on the excellent Sibsey green, recording a 33-82 (0-8) result.