Master Alan joins the elite

Ellis and Liam with Master Alan Steeper.
Ellis and Liam with Master Alan Steeper.

IT WAS a case of years of hard work coming to fruition as Boston Taekwondo’s Master Alan Steeper successfully achieved his seventh dan at a grading event held in Mansfield.

The minimum time to achieve this level is 24 years.

He is now one of 10 people in the UK to reach this level.

The testing itself lasted for 45 minutes, during which time Master Steeper had to demonstrate his knowledge of patterns and defences against various weapons.

He also had to show his ability in defending himself while being seated.

Taekwondo grading has strict rules that each higher grade takes extra years to achieve.

For example, the time you must wait to take your sixth dan is five years and your seventh dan is six years.

This means Master Steeper now has a seven year wait before he can consider applying for his eighth dan.

Master Steeper began training in Taekwondo 30 years ago, helping to set up the Boston club 24 years ago.

In those years, more than 50 children and adults have achieved their own black belt status, ranging from first to sixth dan.

It was a weekend to celebrate for the club as Ellis Kirkham, 10, and Liam Moses, 15, achieved black belts on the previous day.

For further details on Boston Taekwondo, call Master Steeper on 01205 356098.