Master class in taekwondo

Action from the seminar.
Action from the seminar.

Members of Boston’s Lone Wolf Taekwondo have been put through their paces by Master Vasilis Alexandris, an eighth dan.

Master Alexandris is one of the pioneers of the sport in Greece andhas previously trained Lone Wolf instructor Robin Ford (sixth dan) in both his homeland and Ireland.

He hosted a special session for the younger members before hosting a six-hour seminar for students from the group’s Boston and Spalding classes.

Other participants also travelled from as far as Greece, Germany and Ireland to learn from the master.

Master Alexandris covered topics from basics skills to advanced sparring drills.

He will now return to the club in May where he will host another session.

Lone Wolf Taekwondo holds classes at the Trinity Centre, Spilsby Road, Boston, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For further details, contact Robin on 0800 566 8814 or email for more details