Millers feel the grind in a busy week

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SIBSEY Millers had a tough week in the Coningsby Bowls League

Division One

SIBSEY Millers beat Freiston A 2-6 (42-57) but lost twice against Castle - 2-6 (49-59) and 6-2 (66-55).

Sleaford Road A recorded a creditable home win 6-2 (53-48) against Mareham le Fen and Jubilee Park did well at home to Castle, winning 6-2 (52-42).

Freiston A drew 4-4 (54-56) with Castle and Mareham beat Forbes Road A 8-0 (61-39).

Division Two

WEST Skirbeck beat Good Fellowship 6-2 (56-45) as West End A won at home to Woodhall Town 7-1 (58-48).

Friskney dominated Billinghay 8-0 (76-27).

Division Three

KIRTON B took the honours against BBC I, 6-2 (62-41) but Donington went down against Burton House 2-6 (42-56).

BBC II were beaten by Wrangle B 3-7 (47-47), Kirton A wiped the floor with a scratch Sibsey Strollers 8-0 (80-33) and Wrangle B secured top spot against Woodhall Nymphs 7-1 (54-36).

Division Four

FREISTON B won well on all three at home to Horncastle, 8-0 (66-32).

Wigtoft bewat Bicker 8-0 (66-44), Sibsey Traders went down 2-6 (41-48) to Bicker and Sleaford Road B eased past Horncastle 6-2 (56-49).

Division Five

KIRTON B were in form in their home match with Boston Park, winning 6-2 (62-43).

Swineshead beat Donington B 8-0 (71-48) and Kirton C beat Kirton B 5-3 (45-37).