Morley haul secures Winter League win

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Luke Morley is the overall winner of Westwood Lakes’ Winter League.

He and Paul Harsley both finished on 13 points, but his overall catch of 673lbs 13oz bettered Paul’s 596lbs 03oz.

Martin Kirk won the final round with his haul of exactly 156lbs.

Overall results: 1 Luke Morley 13pts (673lbs 13oz); 2 Paul Harlsey 13pts (596lbs 03oz); 3 Adam Swain 17pts; 4 Richard Kinnersley 19pts; 5 Mick Stamp 20pts; 6 Roy Wells 23pts; 7 Ade Gothercole 24pts; 8 Martin Krik 25pts; 9 Janusz Kedzierski 26pts; 10 Brian Harding 27pts.

Round results: 1 Martin Kirk 156lbs, peg 44; 2 Richard Kinnersley 131lbs 11oz, peg 38; 3 Adam Swain 128lbs 10oz, peg 35; 4 Janusz Kedzierski 125lbs 08oz, peg 22; 5 Steve Lane 109lbs 08oz, peg 28.

Tuesday Open (Swallow Lake): Results: 1 Cameron Stokes 66lbs 14oz, peg 4; 2 John Taylor 50lbs 12 oz, peg 6; 3 Mark Cook 48lbs 12oz, peg 5; 4 John Gooden 40lbs, peg 3; 5 Brian Thompson 38lbs 10oz, peg 19.

Sunday Open (Skylark Lake): 1 Adam Swain peg 11, 115lb 4oz; 2 Matt Wiles peg 28, 108lbs; 3 Roy Wells peg 7, 78lbs 12oz; 4 Jimmy Brooks peg 34, 78lbs 10oz; 5 Paul Harsley peg 26, 70lbs 14oz.