Narrow victory for Chris

Pete Grooby.
Pete Grooby.

Chris Royal just edged victory against mum Debra in the Friday Night Individual Darts League.

He won 4-3 for a narrow win in the Boston Snooker Centre Premiership.

Dave Hasnip had the cutting edge to defeat Dave Holland 4-1 while a top-of-the-table clash saw Joby Booth hit a 180 but go down 4-1 against Darren Aucote.

In the Pizza Perfection Championship, Paul Taylor beat Rob Cade 4-0, the same scoreline which saw Paul Grainger beat Ben Bagley.

In a close contest, Paul Taylor beat Kev Lenton 4-1.

A series of 4-2 result saw Paul Grainger beat Mark Baily, Pete Grooby beat Ben Bagley and Andrew Joyce beat the in-form Darren Emmerson.

Phil Hunt snatched a 3-2 victory against Phil Burman in the All Sports Trophies and Engravings Division Two.

Wally Almond checked well to beat Shaun Denmead 3-1.

Luke Cammack took on Brian Wilkinson, Luke winning 3-0.

In the C&C TV Division Three, Liz Chapman was beaten 2-1 by Muriel Almond, who came from behind to win.

The only other game in the division saw Suzy Watson beat Dennis Turner 2-1.