NIna packs a punch and Rimas is a knockout at Boston ABC’s fight show

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BOSTON ABC fighters were in action as the club hosted an eight-bout show on Saturday night.

The evening’s main event at Haven High saw Ross Batey overcome Lions ABC boxer Andy Robinson by a majority decision.

The pair slugged it out from start to finish and, despite a height and reach disadvantage, the Boston fighter was willing to take his opponent’s blows to deliver some telling ones of his own.

Birmingham’s Robinson was not slow at taking any opening that came his way, meaning Batey had to work hard.

Despite tiring towards the end, he hung on and had done enough for victory.

Rimas Turgusas earned a second-round victory over City of Hull’s Jamie Day, sending his opponent crashing to the canvas with a perfect shot.

Turgusas began the opening round dodging shots from Day, who began in aggressive fashion.

However, these tactics eventually led to Day’s downfall as he missed his target, exposing his chin, and allowing the Boston man to showboat to the crowd following his swift victory.

Boston’s Anthony Elding and South Holland’s Valdis Dzimtas squared up to one another and, from the off, leather was thrown from all angles from both boxers.

The pair were both intent on delivering a knockout blow until energy and strength ebbed in the final round, where both proved less of a threat.

The decision could have gone either way, but in the end, Dzimtas was handed the unanimous nod.

Nina Bradley was awarded the senior award for the fight of the evening following her unanimous decision against City of Hull’s Trudy O’Loughlin.

Both fighters deserved the ovation they received from the crowd as the third-round bell rang out, the pair putting on what was arguably the best fight of the evening.

The Hull fighter was a durable opponent, and Bradley was forced to work hard for the decision.

It was a relentless pursuit at times for the Boston fighter, as her opponent, although rocked by fierce shots, refused to buckle.

When O’Loughlin did retaliate, Bradley walked through the blows that came her way, putting in an impressive debut and deserving the decision.

The junior award for the best fighter was picked up by hometown fighter Jared Brereton, who was given the decision after his compelling bout against King’s Lynn’s Jake Kirby.

All the skills of boxing were on display in this encounter, and in a see-saw battle for supremacy, Brereton edged it after a stronger final round.

Macauley Blackamore did most of the aggressive work in the opening rounds of his contest against Lewis Adams, from Lincoln’s Terry Allen Unique gym.

Adams was prepared to defend and conserve energy for the closing stages, but as he came on strong at the end, Blackamore’s confidence was high, standing tall and taking a deserved decision in an exchange of attack and counter.

Boston’s Alfie Dunn put in a spirited performance against opponent Brendan Stead, despite his opponent claiming the decision.

The Hull fighter used his superior reach to good effect, making it hard for Dunn to avoid blows and land his own.

Although he caused Stead some anxious moments, it was the Hull fighter who was handed the victory.

Youngsters Jack Roberts and Joe Silson gave a textbook display of fine boxing.

Boston’s Roberts gained an early lead through his left lead.

But despite his brave attempts, the Lincoln fighter did enough to claim the decision.

The event proved a sell-out and all contests were well put together by matchmaker John Butler.