Nina’s coming out fighting

Nina Bradley is packing a punch.
Nina Bradley is packing a punch.
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NINA Bradley has become a woman in demand after making her boxing debut.

The 23-year-old marked her first fight with a unanimous decision against City of Hull’s Trudy O’Loughlin last Saturday, and was back in the thick of it on Friday, missing out on the decision when competing in Bradford.

“Women’s boxing is so limited that as soon as someone’s heard you’re out there and fighting they want you to be on their show. It’s hard to find other women boxers,” she told The Standard.

“I fought on the Saturday in the Boston show and then again on Friday in Bradford.

Reflecting of Friday’s narrow defeat, she said: “She was a good fighter and experienced, but if I had been fresh I’m almost 100 per cent sure I would have won.

“I gave her a standing count in the second round but she got more shots in.”

Nina also has a show booked for the end of the month in Hull, where she will again face O’Loughlin in a re-match.

Women’s boxing has always been a topic of discussion - with as many vocal sports fans suggesting it shouldn’t be allowed.

Among those with that opinion is Boston pro Callum Johnson, who won gold at last year’s Commonwealth Games.

“Callum’s a mate of mine and he tells me he doesn’t think it’s right for women to box,” Nina added.

“But when I have a fight he texts me to say ‘well done’ afterwards.”

Nina says her parents were also dubious about her taking it up. She continued: “They didn’t watch me at the Boston show, they said they couldn’t watch.

“My mum was worried I could break my nose or something, and my dad said he wouldn’t be able to watch if an opponent looked like they were beating me.

“But they’ve heard good things after the show and have supported me.”

One onlooker feeling mixed emotions was Nina’s partner Lee Waters, who watched her debut bout.

“He finds it hard to watch me fight,” she added.

“But he’s supportive and wants me to do well.”

With women’s boxing making its debut at the Olympics next year, Nina is among those championing the sport,. After her debut fight she was awarded the Senior Boxer of the Night award, competing against six male fighters as well as opponent O’Loughlin for the title.

“People seemed to enjoy the fight. They were interested,” Nina said. “Women’s boxing may not be as strong and as powerful as the men’s but people want to watch it.”

Nina, a fitness instructor at Fitness First, also preaches the virtues of boxing for women.

She added: “To any girl looking to get into boxing I’d say ‘go for it’.

“I’ve done boxing, and boxercise training for years, and it’s one of the best forms of exercise.

“I went to train at Boston boxing club and everyone welcomed me in.

“The lads are there to train, not to laugh at you for having a go.”