No drama as Eastenders overcome a difficult contest

The league leaders overcame their toughest test of the season so far in the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

l Cosmos 25 (0) Eastenders 48 (6): LEADERS Eastenders had the toughest game of the week’s play.

But they still managed to claim all six points against Cosmos as Simon Reeson, Matt Whyers and Jonathan West (26-13) and Keith Tointon, Adrian Field and Ian Clark (22-12) both won.

l Carlton Rod 38 (4) Stumpers 31 (2): CARLTON Road beat lowly Stumpers as Gordon Harris, Keith Swain and Roy Vinter won 22-13 for the extra points.

Margaret Bycroft, Norma Barnes and Ken Bycroft won two points for Stumpers with an 18-16 victory.

l IBS 24 (0) Jolly Farmers 38 (6): JOLLY Farmers would be pleased with their win against IBC, skips John Maury and Joe Moore winning 20-12 and 18-12.

l Holland Fen 50 (6) Royal Mail 28 (0): HOLLAND Fen claimed all the points from Royal Mail with skips Gary Morris and Mick Tomlin winning 21-18 and 29-10.

l Invaders 38 (4) Woodhall 26 (2): PROMOTED Woodhall put their first points on the table when matched against Invaders.

Doreen Sharp, Alan Eastgate and Eric Ulyatt won a close game 18-15, but the Invaders claimed the rest of the points as Chantal Spencer, John Spencer and Scott Whyers won 23-8.

l Freelanders 35 (2) A40 37 (4): A40’s Sheila King led her rink to a 19-15 success, but Jean Cammack saw a 15-3 lead slip to Landers’ Tom Freeston, Geoff Taylor and Jeff Nicholson (20-18).

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Division Two

l Norprint 44 (6) Halfpints 32 (0): NORPRINT are looking a team in good form, picking up their third maximum points haul as Ted Bloodworth, Margaret Broughton and Barry Barton (19-16) and Barbara Kenny, Chris Avison and Dave France (25-16) both won.

l Breakaways 44 (4) Parthians 32 (2): JANET Whyers, Lorraine Stevens and John Stevens won 29-7 to earn Breakaways four points. Parthians’ Keith Nix earned two points, leading his rink to a 25-15 win.

l Patriarchs 35 (0) Strollers 46 (6): STROLLERS won all the points from Patriarchs. Skips Alan Everitt and Mick Hippisley succeeded 29-22 and 17-13.

l Kirton Town 37 (4) Feathers 36 (2): LEAGUE leaders Kirton Town shared the rink points with third-placed Feathers, but the leaders claimed the aggregate points by one shot.

Phyl Bourne, Ann Thomas and Gordon Gallichan proved the difference as they won 21-17, Brain Simpson, Fleur Simpson and Derek Hunn replying 19-16.

l Golfers 24 (1) Punchbowlers 44 (5): THE Golfers are not up to par at the moment. Against Punchbowlers they won one point as Jerry Gill, David Marshall and Norman Ablard tied 18-18 with Bowlers skip Tony Bush. Dave Peacock, John Allen and Jeff Skelton won 26-6 for the extra points.

l Swineshead 45 (5) Boston Park 21 (1): SECOND-placed Swineshead dropped a point to bottom side Boston Park. Freddy Scrupps won 33-6 and Janet Vinter tied 15-15.

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l Amateurs 39 (6) Autos 30 (0): SECOND-placed Amateurs moved to the top after claiming all six points from previous leaders Autos.

Olive Fenner, Jim Fenner and Mick Greet won 22-14 and Dale Elsam, Bill Weaver and Tony Nixon triumphed 20-17.

l Crowns 36 (6) BBC 26 (0): CROWNS moved to joint first as they beat BBC. Skips Barbara Houghton and Peter Copeland won 17-13 and 19-13.

l Sibsey 29 (0) Vikings 48 (6): VIKINGS beat Sibsey following wins for Ralph Sawer and Doug Staples, 22-14 and 26-15.

l Central 42 (6) Fairways 25 (0): CENTRAL earned a surprise win as Dave Clark (26-16) and Fred Epton (16-14) both succeeded.

l Highflyers 46 (5) Burtons 28 (1): HIGHFLYERS’ Joe Carson. Robert Goodale and Eric Lewis won 31-13 and Bas Atkin. Malc Rogers and Anthony Tabor tied 15-15.

l Shipmates 43 (6) Traders 19 (0): TRADERS were a man short for their game against Shipmates, with the bottom-two team succeeding 27-8 and 16-11.