No Jubilee celebrations as Freiston claim victory

FREISTON got the better of Jubilee Park in Division One of the Coningsby Bowls League...

Division One

JUBILEE Park played one member short at Freiston, but N. Stoddart, K. Manley and L. Aitken managed a rink win and two points with a 9-23 result.

However, with Freiston winning well on the other two they succeeded 6-2 (59-46) result.

It was a bit too close for comfort for Castle at Forbes Road, but two rink wins saw them leave with a 2-6 (50-51) success.

Sleaford Road A did themselves a favour with a home draw against West End B, who also move up the table after this results.

Each team scored 23 shots on a winning rink, with the home side winning the third by one shot to give a drawn game 4-4 (51-52).

Division Two

WEST Skirbeck struggled at home to Friskney, with experienced players losing badly to give a 0-8 (34-66) result.

The Allens had a one shot win, and Joe Moore and his rink lost by two in the Good Fellowship home match with West End to give a close aggregate win and the match 6-2 (52-48) for the home side.

Division Three

IT WAS a draw at Burton House, who faced Kirton A.

With one rink tied 21-21 and a one-shot win for both sides, the overall score was 4-4 (55-55) result.

Division Four

HORNCASTLE won well on two rinks at Bicker, who replied with a three-shot win on the third to give a 2-6 (38-56) finish.

Two close rinks, and one not so close, gave Frieston B a good win at Heckington, 2-6 (46-54), with D. Hunn and his rink doing the business.

Wigtoft had a substabtial win at home to Forbes Road B, with D. and H. Clark and A. Saunby winning 34-7.

Another good win by S. Rooney and his rink, succeeding 23-10, gave a 6-2 (71-38) result.

Bicker tied one rink in their home match with Sibsey Traders and just lost out on the second rink.

Keith Woods, Ann Wys and Fred Green won the third to secure a good win for the Traders, 1-7 (47-62)

Sleaford Road II and Heckington had had a good game.

A 7-26 win by the away rink of S. Bakewell, S. Pratt and H. Sivyer earned a 4-4 (46-55) draw for the away side.

Division Five

THE top-of-the-table clash at Central Park saw Boston Park just taking the honours in their home match with Swineshead.

Two good rink wins gave a 6-2 (56-48) finish.

Coningsby II drew with Kirton C thanks mainly to a 28-7 win by David Bristow, John Potter and Bev Horton, giving them the aggregate and a draw, with the two one-shot wins by Kirton C in the 4-4 (53-34) finish.