No rest for Boston boxing pair

Harvey Elding and Demantis Sofonovas.
Harvey Elding and Demantis Sofonovas.

After the excitement of their home show, members of Boston Amateur Boxing Club were back in action this weekend.

Harvey Elding and Demantis Sofonovas travelled to St Ives in Cambridgeshire to take part in their home show.

Elding faced C. Bell of East James Ipswich Boxing Club in an exciting skills contest.

Still buzzing from his win the previous weekend, Elding was in complete control of the bout and, at times, had to resort to holding back on his power as Bell was struggling to stay the distance.

This was a great bout for the Boston pugilist and, if this contest had been a recorded contest, Elding would have clearly won it.

Sofonovas faced a home club talent in the shape of J. Brown.

After a unanimous win on his home show, Sofonavas was in no mood to rest on his laurels.

The home boxer started strongly, landing with some great shots.

But Sofonovas was not troubled by them.

As the contest went on, the Boston boxer, was in full control and Brown could not find anything to thwart his strong offensive combinations.

Although the Boston corner believed there was only one winner when the final bell rang out, they also knew nothing could be taken for granted in this sport.

But this time Sofonovas won by a unanimous decision.