Odlin shows steady form at the oche

Dave Hasnip.
Dave Hasnip.

Phil Odlin was in good steady form in the Friday Night Darts League’s BSC Premiership.

He checked well in his 4-1 win over Debra Royal, in which Debra hit a 180.

Daz Turk was also very consistent and soon took a good 4-0 win over Dave Holland.

A good close match between Andy Cammack and Andrew Joyce saw Andy check well to take the match 4-0.

Dave Hasnip picked off a 180 in a very solid performance against battling Dan Flynn.

Hasnip took it 4-0.

Harry Lee battled well but Chris Royal was too consistent and wrapped up the match 4-0.

Dave Holland hit two 180s against Dave Hasnip and battled to 2-2, but Hasnip had the edge to win it 4-2.

In the Pizza Perfection Championship, Rob Cade and Kev Lenton had a close match, but it was Kev who found the doubles to win 3-1.

Another Good battle followed between Ben Bagley and Dave Todd.

Ben checked well to take a good 3-1 win.

Steve Gartside then faced Kev Lenton, Steve battling well to take a good 3-1 win.

Mark Baily and Paul Taylor had a battling five-legger, Paul having a great last leg to hold for the 3-2 win.

Aaron Upsall then played Ben Bagley which also went to a deciding fifth leg.

Aaron took it for a good 3-2 win.