Parker shows his potential

Callum Parker.
Callum Parker.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club’s Callum Parker made his debut in Doncaster at the weekend.

Fighting on a show hosted by the Tom Hill ABC, Parker was eager to please the large crowd.

The Boston fighter was facing M. Dobin from the host club, who was also making his debut.

The corner men had the option of instructing their boxers during the bout, following a rule change which was brought in on January 1.

Parker, taking control of his nerves, started slowly but responded to his coaches’ instructions and finished the round strongly.

Small errors in Parker’s defence were adjusted in the second round and he found himself having more success during this stage of the contest.

The Tom Hill boxer ran out of ideas in the final round as Parker started to show the home crowd more of his boxing ability, finishing strongly.

The contest was a skills bout, meaning no victor was named. Parker will now box Dobin again on the Boston show, which will be held on March 22.