Personal bests galore for young athletes

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

There were a number of personal bests recorded at the second in the series of Junior Track and Field Athletics matches held at The B-Hive Athletics Training Centre on Saturday.

At under 13 level, Rodrigo Quevedo produced an excellent performance in the 50m hurdles, recording a sparkling 10.9secs.

He also won the 100m in a time of 17.2secs.

In the jumps, a leap of 1.15m in high jump exceeded the standard for the ESAA Gold Award, 1.74m in standing long jump earned Rodrigo a Silver Award and a leap of 4.42m in standing triple jump was Bronze Award standard.

In the same age group, Georgia Reilly’s performances in both track and field events showed considerable improvement.

She clocked 13.4secs in the 50m hurdles and 18.3secs at the end of the 100m, and her time of 3mins 09.6secs for 600m surpassed the ESAA Bronze Award level.

A high jump clearance of 1.10m gave Georgia a Gold level standard and a leap of 3.83m in standing triple jump added a further Bronze Award standard.

In the under 11 age group, Lyle Burrell-Kenny improved her performances from the first competition.

In 50m hurdles, Lyle reduced her time from 13.1 secs to 12.6 secs and added three centimetres to her best leap in standing long jump (1.74m) for second place.

She then put 24cm onto her standing long jump PB, clearing 4.58m in runners-up position.

In the final event on the programme, Lyle went over 1.10m in high jump to win the competition and exceeded the ESAA girls’ Gold Award by 10cm.

Nine-year-old Freddie Fairman (St George’s School) finished first in all six under 11 boys events.

In standing long jump a leap measuring 1.72m improved his best performance by a considerable margin, adding 14cm to his best clearance.

For the second successive week, Freddie cleared 1.00m for a Silver ESAA Award standard in high jump and added Silver standards in 600m (2mins 43.6 secs) and standing triple jump (4.66m) and went one grade higher in standing long jump by clearing the 1.80m Gold standard.

Maddison Mowbray won the girls’ 600m at Bronze level (3 mins 09.1 secs) and claimed second place in the 50m hurdles (12.1 secs), the high jump with a Gold standard clearance of 1.05m and the 80m sprint, recording 14.1 secs.

Gracie Fairbanks (St George’s) improved her standing long jump performance, adding 23cm to her performances in the first match in the series (4.36m) and in clearing 90cm for the Silver ESAA award in high jump, adding 10cm to the previous week’s leap.

In the same age group, Alex Whelan (St George’s) improved his standing long jump PB from 1.45m to 1.51m and went half a second faster in the 50m hurdles (14.3 secs).

In the under nines age group, seven-year-old Sebastian Money (St George’s ) won six of the seven events on the programme and achieved five Bronze ESAA Award standards.

A time of 15.3secs in the 80m, a clearance of 80cm in high jump and 1.52m in standing long jump and a leap of 4.02m in standing triple jump all exceeded Bronze Award standard performances for Sebastian, as did 1 min 50.3 secs for second position in the 400m.

He also threw the whizzer 10.83m for first place.

Ellie Reilly was second in the 80m in 15.5 secs, the 400m in a Silver standard time of 1 min 48.1 secs, high jump with 80cm for Bronze level and standing long jump with 1.23m.

Joshua Robertson (St George’s) came second in the 50m hurdles time by one-10th of a second (14.8 secs) and added a massive 70cm to his standing triple jump performance (3.37m).

Leo Pool just missed out on a Silver ESAA standard when finishing first in the 400m (1 min 47.8 secs) and also claimed second position in the 50m hurdles (12.9 secs).

Under seven Tyler Bateman cleared a Bronze Award level 80cm in high jump, recorded 12.9 secs in the 50m hurdles, 10.6 secs for the flat 50m sprint and 2 mins 06.0 secs for the 400m.

In other field events he achieved 3.24m in standing triple jump, 1.36m in standing long jump and 10.84m in the whizzer throw.

The final match in the 2015 series of Junior Track & Field events is on Sunday, August 2 at The B-Hive Athletics Centre, Punchbowl Lane, Boston.

Registration for under seven, under nine, under11 and under 13 boys and girls is at 9.30am.