Promoted teams are struggling to find their feet

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THE promoted teams were struggling but the big hitters were claiming the points in the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

The Ball House

Division One

Woodhall 17 (0) Freelanders 57 (6): THE promoted teams are finding it hard going in the top division. Woodhall fell on both rinks as Freelanders’ Thacker, Scuffham, Nicholson winning 31-6 and Freeston, Sharp and Lawrence successful 26-11.

Stumpers 28 (0): STUMPERS surprisingly fell on both rinks to IBC. Dennis Ellis’ rink won 26-13 and Ted Bourne’s trio cleaned up the rest of the points 27-15.

A40 23 (0) Holland Fen (46 (6): THE top three all had substantial wins. Holland Fen skips Mick and Martin Tomlin recorded 22-13 and 24-10 successes.

Jolly Farmers 20 (0) Cosmos 42 (6): COSMOS had, on paper, the easiest game of the top three. Skips Ab French (23-9) and Keith French (19-11) both won.

Eastenders 44 (6) Carlton Road 30 (0): EASTENDERS had a particularly bad start against Carlton Road, but recovered to win 25-14 and 19-16 for skips Paul Flatters and Ian Clark.

Royal Mail 31 (0) Invaders 49 (6): THE win by Invaders over Royal Mail was a big surprise. For the Invaders Scott Whyers won 20-17 and Ian Tebbs fired himself out of trouble to succeed 19-14.

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Division Two

Boston Park 21 (0) Kirton Town 47 (6): KIRTON Town and Swineshead are setting the pace at the top of Division Two. Kirton skips Dorothy Hawkesworth and Peter Tracey were successful 27-8 and 20-13.

Punchbowlers 28 (0) Swineshead 42 (6): SWINESHEAD proved too strong for Punchbowlers, Freddy Scrupps winning 22-10 and Janet Vinter successful 20-18.

Feathers 36 (4) Golfers 29 2): FEATHERS shared the rink points with Golfers but won the aggregate points thanks to Maureen Hunn, Beryl Brewster and Derek Hunn (24-8). Norman Ablard replyied for the Golfers (21-12).

Parthians 48 (4) Patriarchs 39 (2): PARTHIANS versus Patriarchs saw the former lift the lion’s share of the points. For Patriarchs Ray Woods won 24-22 and replying for the Parthians skip Phil Sharp won 27-15.

Strollers 29 (0) Norprint 43 (6): NORPRINT shocked a strong Strollers team with a maximum points haul. Printers skips Tony Hall and Barry Barton won 20-18 and 23-11.

Halfpints 35 (0) Breakaways 41 (6): HALFPINTS, like Strollers, also suffered a surprise defeat. Against Breakaways they fell on both rinks, Ivan Dilley and John Stevens winning 20-16 and 21-19.

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Division Three

Traders 22 (0) Crowns 65 (6): CROWNS have had their best start for some time. Against Traders, wins of 43-8 and 22-14 came for skips Brian Bates and Peter Copeland.

Vikings 34 (2) Amateurs 50 (4): AMATEURS shared rink points with Vikings but picked up the aggregate points through Mick Greet was (32-11). Replying for Vikings, Doug Staples won 23-18.

Autos 56 (6) Central 27 (0): TOPPING the league are Autos. Against Central Norman Wright won 30-6 and Derek Butwright was successful 26-21.

Burtons 42 (6) Shipmates 19 (0): SHIPMATES are still looking for their first win after Burtons skips Pete Dodes and Chaz Newham won 15-8 and 27-11.

BBC 29 (2) Highflyers 37 (4): BBC and Highflyers shared the rink points, with Joe Carson, Terry John and Eric Lewis (23-7) earning Flyers the extra points. For BBC, Jess Whyers, David May and Ted Vere won 22-14.

Fairways 33 (4) Sibsey 32 (2): FAIRWAYS only just had the edge over Sibsey. For Sibsey, Harold Best won 15-13 and, replying for Fairways, Anthea Hall earned a 20-17 win.