Quartet get their black belts

Boston's new black belts.
Boston's new black belts.

Four junior members of Boston Taekwondo have made the grade to become black belts.

Megan Featherstone, Harry Darker, Max Louch and Richard Smith all claimed the honour.

Their certificates were applied for from Kukkiwon in Korea (headquarters of WTF Taekwondo) and they have now received them.

All WTF black belt members must have a Kukkiwon certificate in order to be recognised worldwide as a black belt.

Master Alan Steeper said he and his fellow instructors at Boston Taekwondo were extremely proud of them.

Boston Taekwondo meet on Thursdays at Boston Grammar School.

Between 6-7pm, juniors (under 13) meet, with the 7-9pm slot open to seniors (13 and over).

They also meet on Saturdays at Peter Paine Performance Centre between 1-2pm (beginners) and 2-4pm (yellow belts upwards).

The first two lessons are free.

For details, call 07795 550427 or log on to www.