Reasons to be very Jolly

Scott Whyers.
Scott Whyers.

Jolly Farmers consolidated fourth place in Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League following a solid 10-point haul.

In a double week they beat IBC 6-0 (J. Moore 27-14, J. Maury 21-17) and Invaders 4-2, J. Maury’s 19-8 just one better than S. Whyers’ 21-11 reply.

Invaders had a lean week. They lost 5-1 to A40 as L. Skinner, J. Thompson and J. Gott won 31-6 and S. King and S. Whyers drew 22-22.

Carlton Road’s G. Harris, R. Vinter and C. Gill racked up an incredible 50-4 win as they beat Swineshead 6-0. A 24-12 from L. Feary backed them up.

Halfpints’ T. Nunn held up the Holland Fen charge with a 19-11, but the title contenders scored a 4-2 after a 34-10 reply from M. Tomlin.

Leaders Eastenders also recorded the same scoreline against Royal Mail, K. Tointon’s 21-6 bettering A. Hill’s 19-17 reply.

The top two met in Division Two, with leaders Norprint beating Golfers with a solid 6-0 win (J. Nicholson 22-16, T. Hall 28-18).

But they only increased their lead by a point as third-placed Punchbowlers beat Boston Park 6-0 (I. Drury 20-10, T. Bush 24-11).

Poachers beat Patriarchs 6-0 (E. Ulyatt 17-9, J. Sellars 26-17) and Parthians beat The Crowns by the same score (P. Bedford 16-1, P. Sharp 25-13).

Strollers were beaten 6-0 by Amateurs (P. Weaver 23-13, M. Greet 18-11) and Feathers were beaten 4-2 by Breakaways, P. Richardson’s 25-14 beating G. Dawson’s 19-14 reply.

The top two in Division Three met this week, and it was second-placed Central who came out on top and leapfrogged the Burtons following a 36-12 from M. Nicholls and 22-16 from B. Hunn.

Hotspurs kept up the chase in third with a 4-2 win over Vikings, D. Fox’s 14-10 edging out P. Jacklin’s 17-16.

Fairways are in free fall and suffered another 6-0 defeatm, this time against BBC (D. May 17-15, T. Vere 26-12).

The Autos won for the third week on the trot with a close 4-2 over Shipmates, A. Townsend’s 18-14 just edging out J. Balderson’s 19-17 reply.

Two really close games saw Sibsey beat High Flyers 5-1 - a 14-14 between T. Hodgson and A. Tabor and a 19-17 from A. Dunnett - and Traders beat U3 5-1, a 14-14 draw between N. Stanley and N. Owen was bettered by a 12-11 from G. Neal.