Reid leads Fizz, Bang Wallop to sportshall athletics win

BADAC's sportshall youngsters.
BADAC's sportshall youngsters.

There were some sparkling results at the second match in the Boston and District Athletic Club Junior Sportshall Athletics series, held at the B-Hive Indoor Training Centre on Saturday morning.

Competion was close at the Firework-themed contest, with the team Fizz, Bang, Wallop running out winners.

Eleven-year-old Megan Reid captained them to victory, winning the under 13 two-laps race (24.5 secs), the three-laps (38.4secs), the four-laps (54.3 secs) and the six-laps (87.1 secs).

Megan scored maximum points in vertical jump (40cm), speed bounce (95), standing triple jump (5.00m) and standing long jump (1.75m).

Megan was well supported by under 11 Millie Walker who won standing triple jump (5.30m), speed bounce (70), vertical jump (42cm) and standing long jump (1.90m).

Ewan Hourihan added value with second places in the under 11 four-lap race (53.7 secs), six-laps (85.9 secs), standing long jump (1.90m) and third in speed bounce (57).

Eight-year-old Lloyd Thorn added wins in the under nine standing long jump (1.25m) and chest puch (3.00m), adding second places in speed bounce (38) and vertical jump (20cm).

Fizz, Bang, Wallop won the relay and accumulated a total of 127 points.

Rockets, led by 11-year-old Tilly Dash, secured second place with 94 points.

Tilly finished second in the under 13s two-lap race (25.9 secs) in her first sportshall competion.

Eleanor Lydiatt won the under 11 two-laps with a season’s best 23.5 secs as well as the three-laps (37.2 secs), four-laps (52.2 secs), six-laps (84.0 secs PB).

Eleanor was also second in the vertical jump (40 cm) and third in standing long jump (1.75m).

Issy Reid’s best track event was the three-laps (40.8 secs), and in the field events it was the vertical jump (39cm) where she came third.

Ronnie Grey was joint winner of the under 11 chest push (3.75m) and claimed third position in the two-laps (24.6 secs PB).

Good support for Rockets came from five-year-old Mia Clark Atkin, finishing second in the under nine vertical jump (21cm PB).

Feisty Fireworks, captained by Georgia Ward, were third.

She finished joint first in chest push (4.00m) and second in under 13 three-laps (40.6 secs), four-laps (57.4 secs) and six-laps (92.0 secs), and in the same position in all the remaining field events.

Under 11 Jack Clark Atkins was fourth in four-laps (55.9 secs) and six-laps (87.0 secs PB) and joint first in chest push (3.75m) and third in standing triple jump (4.42m) before withdrawing with an injury.

Frankie Walker produced some promising performances while under nine Beth Hourihan was runner-up in the two-laps (29.0 secs), three-laps (47.6 secs) and standing long jump (1.15m) and won the vertical jump (24 cm).