Remembering the Barracudas

A memorial to the Boston Barracudas.
A memorial to the Boston Barracudas.

The Boston Barracudas may be no more, but the speedway team will be remembered on the site of their former home.

Lidl marked its arrival in the town by placing a commemorative plaque and sapling in front of their store, which has been built on what was the fourth turn of the Barracudas’ old New Hammond Beck Road stadium.

The plaque in memory of the Barracudas.

The plaque in memory of the Barracudas.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s thousands of fans would flock to the site to watch speedway and stock car action.

Fan John Baxter felt it would be right to have a memorial to the site, because the stadium meant so much to so many people.

“More than 3,000 people used to go the the speedway, it was the most popular sport in the town,” he said.

“People met their husbands and wives there and fans had their ashes scattered on the site.

“I thought it was right that something should be done to remember it.”

John originally made contact with the adjacent B&Q store but had no luck.

However, Lidl welcomed the idea to commemorate the team.

Members of the Boston Barracudas Facebook page also had their say on what they felt would be an apt memorial to the team.

The final wording on the memorial reads: “To commemorate the riders and supporters of the former Boston Barracudas Speedway team.”

The supermarket also planted the sapling, stating they hoped it would grow along with the store.

The Barracudas were founded in 1970 and competed in the town until 1987.

They were reformed as the Barracuda-Braves in 2007, later returning to their original name, and competed at King’s Lynn until folding in 2008.