Rysian strikes gold in Liverpool

kuk wool son
kuk wool son
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RYSIAN Boyall has been taking part Kuk Sool Won since the age of six and at 17 has just promoted to third degree black belt (Bu Sa Bum Nim).

She tested for three hours in November starting from white belt syllabus all the way up to the end of second degree syllabus. This includes kicks and hand strikes, more than 300 techniques including cane and rope techniques, all weapon forms and break falls.

Rysian (pictured right) went to Liverpool to compete in Kuk Sool Won UK championships where she won a gold, silver and three copper medals.

She was praised by the Grandmaster’s son Sung Jin Suh for her precision and technical abilities.

Rysian was promoted in Liverpool and was walked down by her father and instructor Sonny, who was also honoured by the Grandmaster by being allowed to tie Rysian’s belt round her, which is normally reserved for the higher masters.

For the past year Sonny has been on the UK seminar team, which means he goes around the UK with the Grandmaster and masters to teach in other schools for two weeks in November and two weeks in May and June,

During this time, before each seminar he has a private class with Master Sung Jin Suh, who takes him through new material and checks other areas.

Next year he will be going to Spain and Holland to help in seminars and tournaments as well as the summer and winter UK seminars.

The Grandmaster also hinted he may be invited to help in the California (USA) seminar tour in 2012.