Sam’s the man at open meet

SAM Macleod led the way for Boston Swimming Club as they returned from the Leicester Penguins open meet at Braunstone with a number of trophies.

This was the first open meet of the new season and provided coach Ian Wells with an early indicator of the up and coming swimmers for the season ahead.

The older swimmers were just off their best form and found personal bests hard to come by so early in the season.

Honours were also hard to come by as the 14 and 15-year-olds were merged into one age group.

The most successful swimmer in this age group was club captain Susannah Yielding, who achieved two third places (50m breaststroke and 100m individual medley), a quartet of fourths (50m butterfly, 100m backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) and two fifths (50m freestyle and 100m butterfly).

In the same age group, Hannah Macleod achieved one fourth place finish (50m backstroke) and one fifth (100m backstroke).

For the boys, Reuben Reed finished third in the 100m butterfly and Jordan Ward was fifth in the same event.

Although unable to pick up any trophies, both Oliver Street and Connor Spinks showed good form throughout the weekend when recording five and four personal best times respectively.

In the 13-years age group, Amber Nuttman recorded a third (50m breaststroke) and three fifths (100m breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley). For the boys, Harry Dean-Allen produced six personal best times, which resulted in one fourth and fifth place finish (100m and 50m backstroke respectively).

Becky Pimlott was the only girl to win a trophy in the 12-years age group with second (50m backstroke) and third (100m backstroke).

James Hurley produced a consistent series of swims to gain a first place (50m backstroke), three seconds (50 freestyle, 100m butterfly and individual medley), three thirds (50m butterfly, 100m backstroke and freestyle) as well as a fourth (100m breaststroke).

In the junior age groups a close battle ensued throughout the weekend between nine-year-olds Lewis McGarry and Lewis Bontoft.

Lewis McGarry came out on top with first place (50m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and 100m individual medley) and second (50m freestyle).

Lewis Bontoft gained revenge in the 50m freestyle, taking first place and finishing second in the other four events.

Isaac Reed gained PBs in all three of his races and gained trophies with two fifth places (50m backstroke and 100m individual medley).

Amber Blower achieved a second (50m backstroke), third (50 freestyle) and a fourth (100m individual medley).

Ten-year-olds Jordan Clare and Libby Dean-Allen were just off their best times both still achieved a big haul of trophies. Jordan achieved four second-place finishes (50m breaststroke, butterfly, 200m breaststroke and freestyle), three thirds (50m backstroke, 200m backstroke and individual medley) and a fourth (50m freestyle).

Libby took a first place (200m butterfly), two thirds (50m and 200m backstroke) and two fifth place finishes (50m and 200m breaststroke).

It was in the 11-year age group that Boston really dominated as Sam Macleod and Jessica Pettitt both achieved trophies in all nine of their races.

In the boys’ events, Sam achieved six first place finishes (50m breaststroke, butterfly, 200m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley) as well as a second (50 back) third (200 free) and a fourth (50m freestyle).

For the girls, Jessica achieved four firsts (200m breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and individual medley) a second (50m butterfly), third (200m backstroke) and three fourths (50m backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle).

Bethany Holderness managed a second (200m butterfly), third (200m freestyle), fourth (50m butterfly) and two fifths (200m backstroke and individual medley). Charlize Arundell gained one first place (50m breaststroke) and two fourths (200m breaststroke and butterfly).

First places: Charlize Arundell, Lewis Bontoft, Libby Dean-Allen, James Hurley, Sam Macleod (six), Lewis McGarry (four), Jessica Pettitt (four). Second places: Amber Blower, Lewis Bontoft (four), Jordan Clare (four), Bethany Holderness, James Hurley (three), Sam Macleod, Lewis McGarry, Jessica Pettitt, Becky Pimlott. Third places: Amber Blower, Jordan Clare (three), Libby Dean-Allen (two), Bethany Holderness, James Hurley (three), Sam Macleod, Amber Nuttman, Jessica Pettitt, Becky Pimlott, Reuben Reed , Susannah Yielding (two). Personal bests: Charlize Arundell (six), Chloe Baldry (five), Jason Barnes (two), Nesta Baxter (two), Amber Blower (two), Lewis Bontoft (four), Harry Dean-Allen (six), Bethany Holderness, James Hurley (three), Michael Keal (two), Hannah Macleod, Sam Macleod, Lewis McGarry (three), Amber Nuttman (two), Jessica Pettitt (five), William Pettitt (two), Becky Pimlott (two), Isaac Reed (three), Joe Reed (two), Connor Spinks (four), Oliver Street (five), Jordan Ward (two), Susannah Yielding (two).