Sellars makes his points! Youngster earns fight decision

Keir Sellars.
Keir Sellars.

KIER Sellars ended the year on a high with victory at Lincoln.

Boxing on Saturday night, the Boston ABC junior earned the nod against Nigel O’Shea.

The two had met earlier in the season in a skills bout - which doesn’t carry a verdict - but on this occasion Sellars came out on top.

Again the bout was well-matched, with Sellars content to conserve energy in the early stages, and quite prepared to box on the retreat as O’Shea went on the offensive.

The Lincoln man continued to hunt down Sellars, but carried no threat, allowing the Boston youngster to counter attack and score points frequently enough for the decision.

It take two fighters to create a good contest, and that was the case as Dan Clarke met Lincoln’s Matthew Marren.

In an absorbing contest, both combined controlled aggression and good defensive work.

The verdict could have gone either way, but Marren got the nod.