SHODFRIARS 20 earn derby bragging rights

IN THE Super League, Shodfriars 20 beat stablemates Shodfriars 6...

Super League

SHODFRIARS 20 beat Shodfriars 6 this week.

Tom Hill took his two before Kai Overton drew with Shane White and Daley Richardson won his two.

Carl Stanney took the last two for the away side and the game finished 5-3.

Q Club 6 had a slow start against Cons 1, with Hugh Pinner taking both points for the away side.

Patrick Thornton drew with Nobby Clark and Paul Oyitch then took two for the home side.

Q Club then claimed the last two frames for a 5-3 win.

BSC 4 and BSC 2 played out a draw with Wes Smith, PJ Smith Connor Trigg and John Sharp splitting points with Dan Himsworth, Dan Hurling, Lee Ford and Grant Marshall.

BSC 9 started well but went down 6-2 against BSC 1.

Steve Caithness took the first match up 2-0 before Brian Cox, Craig Fitter and Steven Hallworth scored a series of high breaks to take their frames.

This weeks game between BSC 3 and BSC 12 finshed level.

Andy Swan and M. Day drew with Eamonn Taylor and Alan Peck before S. Wood put the away side ahea 4-2.

Neil Hutson then took the last two frames to restore equilibrium.

Best breaks: C. Fitter 65, B Cox 52, 43, K. Oveton 35, S. Hallworth 34 & 31, P. Thornton 32.

Boston Snooker Centre

Premier League

BRITISH Rail 5 and Kirton Leisure drew 4-4 in a rearranged match.

D. Fletcher put the guests 2-0 ahead before L. Wong and J. Furnell drew with S. Fletcher and K. Lymer respectively.

A. Bush then took the final two frames.

The two sides then met the next evening with the same 4-4 outcome.

D. Fletcher and A. Bush played out a draw before S. Fletcher put the home side up 3-1, but the lead was short lived as L. Wong levelled the score at 3-3.

I. Parnell and J. Furnell shared the final two frames.

British Rail 4 continued their fine start to the season with a 6-2 win against Cons 3.

D. Ransom and D. Winrow drew with D. Moody and T. Morris, but wins for C. Mercer and C. Vere sealed the victory

Cons 5 drew with British Rail 3.

N. Yardley put the home side 2-0 up before A. Yardley and D. Wood drew with G. Middleton and D. Sawyer respectively.

British Rail then claimed the final two frames to finish 4-4.

BSC 16 fell to a 5-3 loss against BSC 6.

R. Cartwright and G. Russell put the guests 4-0 up before D. Cutting and B. Stephenson shared their frames.

B. Skinner then took the last two frames for the home side.

Shodfriars 3 went 2-0 against Q Club 4 with A. Cartwright taking the first two frames.

Colin Woodcock and R. Crunkhorn drew with M. Richards and S. Cartwright respectively.

J. Ely took the final two frames to seal a 4-4 draw.

BSC 19 turned in a strong performance to defeat BSC 8 6-2.

L. Christian and N. Harwood shared their frames with S. Dunmore and A. Norton.

Wins for W. Tyson and R. Alexander sealed the win.

Best breaks: A. Bush 27, I. Parnell 20.

Q Club

Division One

BSC 5 and Q Club 3 played out a draw in the week’s first game.

Best breaks: M. Tabor 22.

Conservative Club

Billiards League

Q CLUB 1 squared up to Cons 1 this week.

Despite an impressive string of breaks, Chris Taylor lost out to Frank Harness 200-150. Luke Christian levelled the scores at 1-1 with an impressive 200-101 win over Roger Cammack.

Cons 2 went ahead over Q Club 3 with Nigel Hacket beating Pete Grooby 200-147.

Darren Christian won the second leg from Steve Peatling 200-109.

Q Club 2 and Cons 3 also played out a draw. Scott Gray took the first leg 200-90 against Des Forbes. Hugh Pinner then produced a string of breaks to defeat Bem French 200-120.

Best breaks: C. Taylor 70, 59, 51, 49, 45, 41, H. Pinner 65, 43, 35, 32, L. Christian 43, S. Peatling 43, N. Hackett 35, S. Gray 20.