Smith clocks the fastest TT time

Sharon Jenkins and Jessica Wilkinson. bM1vzXu6k5WMu-JE77V4
Sharon Jenkins and Jessica Wilkinson. bM1vzXu6k5WMu-JE77V4

Darren Smith took his first win of the season in round four of the Boston Wheelers Cycling Club’s 10-mile TT league.

Darren clocked a time of 22 mins 56 secs last Tuesday evening, a time good enough for victory.

Darren Smith.

Darren Smith.

Maddy Verdegaal - who is preparing for the National Championship in Lincoln - was the first lady with a time of 25 mins 35 secs.

Other times were: Earl Taylor 23.26, Martin White 23.59, Dan Carr 24.46, Nick Millward 25.22, Simon Plaice 25.25, Nick Chapman 25.32, Pete Flint 26.29, Jonathan Self 26.34, Julie Ellis 26.52 (w), Paul Winrow 29.38, Helen Bartholomew 31.28 (W).

Private trials: Jeremy Hargreave 21.20 (new course record), Andy Bowser 23.30, Simon Price 27.33, Bill Wood 30.48.

Competing at the GHS (Schools) District Championships on Saturday, the Wheelers’ Sam Trotter was 11th in the 10m TT and the fastest in his age category (13 years) in a time of 28.44.

Sharon Jenkins and Jessica Wilkinson, currently training for the London 100-mile, attended the Macmillan Cycletta event.

The 70km course begins at Woburn Abbey and both completed the course in a very respectable 3 hrs 40 mins.

Boston Wheeler Des Rook rode in the Dambuster Triathlon and his relay team took third place on the podium.

He competed with teammates Craig Oliver and Jamie Lawrence.

Earl Taylor posted a time of 1 hr 27 secs at the Spalding CC 25-mile TT on the Donnington course.

This is not an easy course at the best of times, but the event was made even harder by the strong, gusty winds.

Darren Smith finished in 1 hr 01 min 20 secs.