Snevelis claims karate silver

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ANDREW Snevelis has won silver at the Traditional Karate National Championships.

Competing in his first-ever open category - where all entries are judged equally rather than entered into grade divisions - he overcame a number of tough opponents before reaching the final of the individual kumite.

However, gold proved a step too far for Andrew (pictured), who missed out on the top honour to John Lowe, last year’s UK representative in the World Championships.

Andrew trains at the Traditional Karate Academy Boston.

Fellow stablemates also earned success at the championships, with Kristine Rubina fourth and Pawel Kutermankiewicz fifth in the individual kumite, also both coming fifth in the kata category.

“This was just another time when the TKAB confirmed its solid and unquestionable position among the best of British traditional karate clubs,” said coach Zbigniew Godzisz.

TKAB members will now be in training for the annual traditional karate seminar next month.

It will be led by Sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, a seventh dan and vice-president of the International Traditional Karate Federation.