Soar head, but Boston rowers don’t suffer

The masters men's coxed four with cox Saffy Summerfield.
The masters men's coxed four with cox Saffy Summerfield.

BOSTON Rowing Club recorded four category wins out of seven on Saturday on the River Soar at Loughborough.

The head race is a time trial over 3k, where all boats participating paddle up to a start point prior to turning and are then started at 15 second intervals.

The River Soar is a bendy narrow course which tested all the Boston crews’ skills.

In windy and dry conditions, the men’s masters quad (Mas 4X) of Adrian Apletree, Robert Parker, Pat Burns and Andrew Cook worked their experienced magic to record Boston’s first win.

The rest of the victories came in the afternoon, with a first place for the masters men’s coxed four (Mas 4+).

The introduction of David Raine for Andrew Cook, and Saffy Summerfield taking to the cox seat, saw the Boston crew overtake three opposition crews after fine steering.

Club captain Jeff Elms lead by example in his single sculling race (IM1 1X) as he steered expertly to win.

Jody McNichol and Matt Adams took the junior boys’ 16-years title in their double scull (J162X).

The duo are increasing their strength and stamina each week and the proof of their hard work in training was clear as they crossed the finishing line in good style.

In the other Boston boats, Joe Burns performed well in his junior boys’ single scull J16 1X.

Alex Roberts made his debut for the club in the (J14 1X) single scull while Polly and Saffy Summerfield also competed in the 14-years junior girls’ double sculls (J14 2X).

Boston Rowing Club will hold their winter championships on December 10 and more GB Trials a week later.

There will also be the Boxing Day races and the Boston Head on January 22.