Speedy Fox live up to their name to win in fine style

Sports Hall Athletics
Sports Hall Athletics

Speedy Fox won the fifth meeting of Boston and District Athletic Club’s Junior Sportshall Athletics series at the B Hive on Saturday.

They scored 64points with Cookies second and Super Three in third.

Hallam Bedford won the standing triple jump (5.14m), speed bounce (69) and vertical jump (41cm) for Speedy Fox.

In the Under 13 section Super Three’s Alex Riches won all three running events, finishing the four laps in 51.4, the three laps in 38.7 and the two laps in 23.4. He also won the standing long jump with 1.80cm.

At Under 11 level Matthew Millington of Cookies won all four track events, clocking 50.1 for four laps, 35.9 for three laps, 23.3 for two laps and 20.8 for the one-lap speed walk.

He also won the standing triple jump (4.90m), speed bounce (68) and standing long jump (1.80m).

Haddley Bedford (Speedy Fox) won the Under 9 threelaps (39.3) and two laps (24.7) before producing four wins in the field.

He leapt 1.65m in the standing long lump, 40cm in the vertical jump, 4.64m in the standing triple jump and scored 62 in the speed bounce.

The final match is on Saturday, March 14.

Athletes who were awarded their county colours for the recent Sportshall Inter-County Match at Grantham received their certificates on Saturday.

Pictured are, from the left, Alex Riches, Alicia Baxter, Hadley Bedford, Melena Baxter, Hallam Bedford, Matthew Millington.