SPORTS NOSTALGIA: County pool records fall

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Duncan Browne takes a look down memory lane in the town sports scene.

Boston Swimmers have always had a reputation of making a splash.

The most famous in recent years would be Commonwealth medallist and Olympian Melanie Marshall.

But in 1983, two young members of Boston Amateur Swimming Club were doing the business.

Rachel Menzies and John Revell competed at the Midland Short Course Championships, returning with five county records and four medals between them.

Fourteen-year-old Rachel was the more successful of the duo.

She set three new county standards.

Two came in backstroke, where she was clocked at a blistering 68.8 secs over 100m backstroke and a time of 2 mins 26.6 secs in the 200m distance.

She added a time of 2 mins 28 secs in the 200m individual medley to complete her three Lincolnshire records.

That was enough to leave the event - hosted at Nuneaton - with two silvers and a bronze at under 16 level.

These times were the fastest-ever set by a county swimmer and also fell well within the European Youth Games consideration times.

But John also made his mark at the meet.

He set a new county recored in the 400m front crawl.

His time was 4 mins 14.9 secs.

That was enough to win a bronze medal.

But John wasn’t finished there, he set a new county record in the 200m front crawl in a time of 2 mins 97 secs.

Sadly, in John’s third event - the 100m front crawl - he finished agonisingly close to third.

He was just 6/100th out of the bronze slot.

There was then further good news for both competitors.

The two swimmers found out they also made the cut-off times for the ASA National Short Course Championships later that year.