Sportshall success for BADAC youngsters

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Boston and District Athletic Club representatives gained 33 top three positions at the Lincolnshire under 13 and under 15 Sportshall Athletics Championships at Grantham.

In the under 15 girls’ championships, Laura Van Lier won the two-lap race (24.8 secs), the four-lap race (54.0 secs) and speed bounce (136) as well as coming third in vertical jump.

Hermione Wright won the standing long jump (2.14m) and vertical jump (61cm) and came second in speed bounce and shot.

In the under 15 boys’ category, William Swain came second in shot and claimed five third-place finishes in two-laps, four-laps, speed bounce, standing long jump and standing triple jump.

Thomas Johnson won the shot title (8.90m) and claimed second in the standing triple jump.

Kieran Pickwell was second in the standing long jump and Blake Garwell filled the same position in three events - two-laps, four-laps and speed bounce.

In the under 13 girls’ category, Lucy Gedney was second in the shot.

Under 13 boys from Boston made an impact on the championships, coming away with several awards.

Event winners were Kieran Duncan-Johal (speed bounce, 82), Kirils Musterman (shot, 7.37m), Ronald KIseliev (standing triple jump, 5.94m).

Second places went to Kieran Duncan-Johal (two-laps, four-laps, six-laps), Ronald Kiseliev (shot), Daniel Bradshaw (standing long jump, vertical jump). Third places: Kieran Duncan-Johal (standing long jump, standing triple jump), Daniel Bradshaw (four-lap), William Wright (six-lap) .