Stamp is the top angler

Mick Stamp.
Mick Stamp.

Mick Stamp enjoyed victory in the Sunday Open at Westwood Lakes.

The ever-reliable angler drew peg 13, which proved to be lucky as he won the match with 129lbs 15oz on Skylark Lake.

Mick fished tight across to the island on expander pellet to catch mainly carp.

Results: 1 Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) 129lbs 15oz, 2 Charlie Clay (Westwood Lakes) 119lbs 1oz, 3 Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 115lbs 10oz, 4 Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 109lbs 10oz, 5 Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) 96lbs 7oz.

Thursday’s Over 50s Open saw 35 anglers compete on Skylark Lake.

Results: 1 Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) 94lbs 0oz, 2 Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) 92lbs 8oz, 3 Ade Freeman (GOT Baits) 90lbs 0oz, 4 Bill Whitworth (Westwood Lakes) 88lbs 8oz, 5 Pete Wey (Westwood Lakes) 80lbs 8oz.

Hawk Lake hosted 14 anglers for the Tuesday Open.

Results: 1 Ken Clarke (Westwood Lakes) 111lbs 8oz, 2 Nev Bailey (JCB) 97lbs 0oz, 3= Colin Day (Westwood Lakes), Dave Taylor (Westwood Lakes) 94lbs 0oz, 4 Steve Pell (Decoy) 81lbs 12oz.