Stanner ladies are the netball Starz


STANNER Starz and Flexi-Belles both earned netball victories this week...

Stanner Starz 28

Boston United Black 10

A STORMING performance from Stanner Starz saw them win 28-10 against Boston United Black.

After a slow start, with both defences on top, United managed to gain an early lead thanks to some strong attacking moves by Ellen McGarel and Kelly Slater.

But Stannerz found their stride and scored a succession of quick goals as Ellen Snowden and Karen Bailey were on great form.

Players’ player: Ellen Snowden (Stannerz).

League B

Flexi-Belles 23

Boston 3 7

FLEXI-Belles played a brilliant game from the first whistle, gaining an immediate advantage over Boston 3.

Some good attacking play from Jenny Briley and Ness Droy ensured centre passes were taken quickly and moved swiftly onto the shooters.

Boston tried hard to defend the circle, managing to secure a few goals for themselves, but Flexi-Belles’ experience shone through.

Players’ player: Jenny Briley (Flexi-