Steve’s pole success

Georgia Ward, Megan Reid and Lyle Burrell-Kenny.
Georgia Ward, Megan Reid and Lyle Burrell-Kenny.

Boston and District Athletic Club representatives competed in a range of track and field events at the last 2016 Lincolnshire Track and Field League match of the season.

A strong breeze made running on the Princess Royal Sports Arena’s Tommy Clay track hard going, assisted some field events and made some of the throwing competitions particularly tricky.

Steve Barnett succeeded in mastering the windy conditions to win the senior men’s pole vault with a clearance of 2.70m, with James Roark in second place (2.40m).

James also claimed fourth place in the discus (27.03m) with Steve Broughton Eley finishing third in the hammer (21.39m).

Emma Penson was third in the senior women’s 800m (3 mins 36.7 secs) and fourth over 1,500m (7 mins 04.9 secs).

At under 20 level, Frances Nuttell won both the high jump (1.45m) and the long jump (4.71m) and then claimed second place in the javelin (21.12m).

Under 17 Hannah Bunting won the shot (7.94m), came second in hammer (18.39m) and added a third in javelin (9.26m).

Alex Riches won the under 15 boys’ triple jump county championship, held within the programme, a leap of 10.56m securing the gold award.

A clearance of 4.48m gave Alex another first place in long jump.

Under 13 Oliver Watters gained valuable experience in 100m (18.1 secs), 200m (38.1 secs) and long jump (2.46m).

In the girls’ competition Amy Bunting won the hammer with a very promising 17.72m and the shot (6.24m).

In addition, Amy secured second position in the discus (16.35m), one place ahead of team mate Emma Peel (11.87m).

In the under 11 boys’ section, Flynn Slater achieved a double, winning both the long jump (3.54m) and the 80m sprint (11.9 secs).

Flynn also finished second in the ball throw (26.31m).

Matthew Lewis won the 150m (23.6 secs), was second in the 80m, behind teammate Flynn (12.5 secs) and claimed third position in the ball throw (21.11m).

Three under 11 girls featured on Sunday, with Lyle Burrell-Kenny finishing fourth in both the 80m sprint (13.7 secs) and the 150m (26.6 secs) and eighth in long jump (2.55m). Megan Reid was fifth in the 80m (13.8 secs), fifth in the long jump (2.70m) and second in the ball throw (22.20m).

Georgia Ward was fourth in the ball throw and seventh in the 80m (14.1 secs) and ninth in long jump (2.19m).

Four young Gold Tops competed very successfully in the under nine development series of events.

In the girls’ events, Ronnie Grey won the 80m (14.1 secs), the whizzer throw (9.94m) and the standing long jump (1.44m).

Issie Reid was second in the 80m (14.8 secs), second in the whizzer (8.92m) and third in standing long jump (1.37m).

In the under nine boys’ contest, Edward Evison won the 80m (12.5 secs) and finished fourth in standing long jump (1.45m).

Jacob Slater won the whizzer throw with a distance of 15.67m, claimed second in standing long jump (1.53m) and clocked 13.5 secs for third position in the 80m.