Stu’s right on time

Stuart Bartholomew.
Stuart Bartholomew.

Stuart Bartholomew has won the Boston Wheelers’ time trial series.

He is pictured with his trophy after gaining the best results from the 10-mil TT events this year.

Youngsters have also been in action at the latest Wheelers’ Go-Ride event.

Races are held at Tattershall.

Results: Under eight girls - 1 Poppy Sowden (Lincoln Wheelers), 2 Caitlin McCauley (Lincoln Wheelers), 3 Darcie Parrot (Sleaford Wheelers); Under eight boys - 1 Thomas Cragg (Sleaford Wheelers), 2 Seth Bush (Baston), 3 Oliver Kirkham (Sleaford Wheelers); Under 10 girls - 1= Isla Earth (Sleaford Wheelers), Orla Durnin (Sleaford Wheelers), 3= Sofia Kent (VC Lincoln), Charlotte Parnell (Boston Wheelers), Isla Wainwright (Boston Wheelers); Under 10 boys - 1 Oliver Turnbull (Boston Wheelers), 2 Aaron Walker (Lincoln Wheelers), 3 Arthur Morley (Boston Wheelers); Under 12 girls - 1 Jael Maw (Team Flare), 2 Jenna Hooton (Boston Wheelers), 3 Jessica Woollas (Sleaford Wheelers); Under 12 boys - 1 Matthew Kent (VC Lincoln), 2 Thomas Allis (North East Lindsey), 3= Stan Roberts (Leigh Premier), Felix Earth (Sleaford Wheelers); Under 14 girls - 1 Paige Elding, 2 Abigail Saggs (Sleaford Wheelers), 3 Amie Hatton (Sleaford Wheelers); Under 14 boys - 1 George Walton (Patton), 2= Jackson Chester (Boston Wheelers), Stanley Pocock (Sleaford Tri); Under 16 girls - 1 Elise Hatton (Sleaford Wheelers), 2 Mia Mawson (Sleaford Wheelers); Under 16 boys - 1 Brad Worth (Sleaford Wheelers), 2 Cameron Braithwaite (North East Lindsey), 3 Joshua Backhouse (VC Lincoln).