Success for TJ Gymnastics and St Thomas’ School

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Boston’s TJ gymnastics hosted a tumbling competition at the Princes Royal Sports Arena.

TJ gymnastics welcomed clubs from around the UK, including St Thomas School (Boston) Gym club, Amber Valley (Derbyshire based) gym club, Hendon gym club, Holbeach and Fenland gym club and Woodlands (Coventry based) gymnastics club.

A total of 110 competitors entered the tumbling competition at all levels, from regional grades, through to national levels and elite levels.

TJ and St Thomas medal winners:

Regional A Girls Seven years: 2 Evelyn Lawson (TJ).

Regional A Girls Eight: 1 Kate Gross (St Thomas), 2 Megan Richardson (St Thomas), 3 Jessica Cook (St Thomas).

Regional B Girls Seven: 1 Cerys Halford (TJ).

Regional B Girls Nine-10: 1 Amber Blakey (TJ), 2 Alicia Flatman (St Thomas).

Regional B Boys Nine-10: 1 Tri Rogan (TJ), 2 Joseph Hardstaff (TJ).

Regional D Girls 11-12: 1 Chloe Hayes (TJ), 2 Brandi Rogan (TJ).

National Girls Level One Eight: 1 Emily Kime (TJ), 2 Holly Kime (TJ).

National Girls Level One Nine-10: 2 Kasie Midgley (TJ), 3 Abbie Chapman (TJ).

National Girls Level One 11-12: 2 Emily Fairweather (TJ).

National Girls Level Two 11-12: 3 Andrea Barnes (TJ).

National Girls Level Three 11-12: 1 Katie Rollinson (TJ).

National Girls Level Three 13-plus: 1 Isabelle Brackenbury (TJ).

Elite Girls Level Two 13-14: 1= Caitlin Mcnulty (TJ), Reanna Ebbutt (TJ).

Awards were given for highest overall scores at Regional, National and Elite levels

At Regional level from TJ gymnastics, Amber Blakey scored the second highest overall score.

At Elite level tumbling from TJ gymnastics, Caitlin Mcnulty and Reanna Ebbut scored the second highest overall score.