Successful seminar for Traditional Karate Academy Boston

SEVENTH dan sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski led a training seminar at Boston’s Traditional Karate club.

The participants included among the 50-or-so visitors were ex-UK National Squad members Jason Hitchings, Allan Parish and Nathan Bond.

Sensei Kwiecinski, vice-president of the International Traditional Karate Federation, and one of the most experienced traditional karate instructors in the world, has a well-established presence in the Boston area.

It was the biggest of the three seminars the sensei has conducted at the Traditional Karate Academy Boston (TKAB) to date.

During his stay, Sensei Kwiecinski also carried out a master grades exam. As a result, Zbigniew Godzisz, the founder and president of TKAB, was awarded his third dan master grade.

The club has also completed karate workshops for the Paralympics, organised by Boston College.

RIGHT: Action from the seminar with Traditional Karate Academy Boston.