Taekwondo aces make the grade

Boston Taekwondo members succeeded at their grading.
Boston Taekwondo members succeeded at their grading.

Boston Taekwondo held a kup grading, with 36 students passing and achieving their next grade.

Among the notable achievements, David Trocki and Ella-Beth Lancashire double graded straight to yellow belt from white belt.

Meanwhile, Ridas Smulkstys triple graded straight to green tag from white belt.

Six students achieved yellow tag, four achieved yellow belt and four students achieved green tag.

A further two students achieved green belt, five achieved blue tag, four progressed to blue belt.

A further five achieved red tag and six students achieved red belt.

Other students improved on their scores since their last grading.

As you go up the belts, the gradings get harder.

So to improve their score is a brilliant achievement.

These students were Gregory Cawston, Jenna Chase, Tomas Smulkstys, Jack Emery, Kaci Chase, Aidan Griffin and Hana Rehan.

Hana improved the most with an increase of 10 per cent.

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