Taylor-made for success! Boston Wheeler Earl has a week to remember

Earl Taylor.
Earl Taylor.

Earl Taylor has become the latest Boston Wheelers member to be promoted to a category three rider.

He earned the accolade following the fourth round of the Pedal Pushers Circuit Race Series.

He took third place, which was enough to earn him his licence.

Dan Carr won round 11 of the club’s 10 League with a time of 23 mins 24 secs last Tuesday.

However, Taylor also clocked a personal best.

Results: Dan Carr 23-24, Martin White 23-40, Earl Taylor 23-48, Neil Coles 24-44, Pete Flint 25-33, Charlie Porter 25-44, Nick Chapman 25-57, Ian Scott 26-05, Debbie Barnett 26-06, Richard Cripps 29-18.

Private Trials: James Hedley Smith (Clay Cross RT) 22-00, Richard Hamblin (Sleaford Wheelers) 22-22, Gary Forman (Yello Velo) 24-11, Nick Milward 24-30, Simon Price 27-17.

To finish the week off nicely for the Wheelers, Neil Booley joined 20,000 other cyclists (including London Mayor Boris Johnson) in completing the Prudential Ride London 100-mile Sportiv.

Neil completed the tough course in a very creditable 4 hrs 48 mins.

Boston Wheelers meet on Sundays at 9am outside Boston’s main post office.

They offer three groups - one very fast, one social ride for those who prefer a more leisurely ride and one in the middle - allowing people of all abilities to take part.

The Boston Wheelers’ Go-Ride Club event for youngsters looking for their first taste of cycling continues on Saturday morning at Peter Paine Sports Centre (10.30-11.30am).