Texas scramble success for quartet

The Texas scramble winners.
The Texas scramble winners.

Pictured are the team of Shane and Dom Cridland, along with with Seb Hiom and Callum Bastock, who won aTexas scramble event at Boston Golf Club last week.

R. Aspeslaugh, S. Sizer, G. Wand and P. Benton were the overall Gala Day winners with 101 points.

Results: Gents - 1 N. Frost, J. Kadzionis, O. Pinner, F. Mitchell 99, 2 R. Ford, G. Tyler, S. Foster, B. Smith 98, 3 D. Cassere, K. Bunting, D. Marvell, S. Ash 96; Mixed - 1 A. Annous, M. Wood, B. Brown, E. Brown 95; Ladies - 1 L. Brown, M. Molson, A. Gullick, A. Sutton 73; Nearest Pins - D. Rigby, T. Frost, M. Hocknell, Y. Schaffarczyk, L. Brown; Longest Drive - T. Frost; Twos - B. Bett, T Frost, M. Hocknell, D. Rigby, S. Foster.

Results from the Gents Open Day: Overall - R. Allen 42, Foster Trophy - A. Green 40.

Category results : (12-) - 1 M. Skinner 38, 2 G. Sharp 37; (13+) - 1 R. McGowan 35, 2 - P. Keal 35.