The Gold Tops shine in Barnsley

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

In the first of this season’s North of England League fixtures, Boston and District Athletic Club team members finished fourth in their first match in Division 3 EC.

Competing at Barnsley on Saturday, the squad accumulated a total of 284 points, beating both Longwood (Bradford) 276 points and Doncaster 226.5 points. Hallamshire won with 393 points, with Derby second on 388.5 and Barnsley third with 338.

In the men’s section, Chris Cope, Aidan McClure and James Roark led by example, participating in a wide range of events.

Chris won the 3,000m steeplechase (11 mins 08.7 secs), was third in the A 400m hurdles (68.3 secs), and sixth in the 200m, 400m, 800m and 5,000m A events, plus second in the B 1,500m.

Aidan was third in the A high jump (1.75m) and achieved second in the B 400m hurdles, third in both the B 200m and 800m, fourth in the B hammer and sixth in both the A 1,500m and the B 400m.

James cleared 2.80m to win the pole vaul and was second in the B 110m hurdles, fifth in A shot (8.88m), fourth in B javelin (21.87m) and fifth in both A hammer and discus.

Owen Msimango contributed to the BADAC points total with a fourth in the 3,000m B steeplechase and fifth in B 5,000m.

Olli Tiainen made an impact on his North of England debut, second in the A 100m (21.7 secs), fourth in the B 100m (13.2 secs), second in B long jump (5.45m) and triple jump (9.96m), plus a fourth in javelin (30.08m) and fifth in both B discus (18.60m) and shot (7.77m).

Under 17 Callum Grace impressed on his first outing at senior men’s level. He was fifth in the A 100m (12.0 secs), second in the long jump (5.90m) and third in triple jump (9.96m).

The Gold Tops’ womens’ events comprised four athletes. Frances Nuttell won both the 100m hurdles (17.7 secs) and high jump (1.50m), also finishing third in long jump (4.72m), second in the B javelin (19.80m) and sixth in shot (6.50m).

Sophie Reader won the pole vault (2.00m), was fourth in javelin (21.62m) and discus (19.57m), fifth in the 800m and sixth in the 200m.

Isabelle Whitehead won the 400m hurdles and added fourth in A 1,500m, 3,000 metres and long jump and fifth in both the B 200m and shot.

Emma Penson added to the Boston and District AC points total.

At the Humberside Track and Field League, nine young Gold Tops travelled to Hull’s Costello Stadium on Sunday.

Under 15 May Meikle improved her high jump PB by clearing 1.42m and under nine Jack Clark-Atkins won the silver medal in the quadrathlon.

Jack’s results were: 600m 2 mins 28.7 secs, 75m 13.4 secs, whizzer throw 10m, standing long jump 1.62m.

Under 13 girls: Lyle Burrell-Kenny - long jump 3.30m, shot 3.25, 100m 16.0 secs, 800m 3 mins 08.8 secs; Georgia Ward long jump 2.23m, shot 4.59 PB, 100m 17.7 secs, 800m 3 mins 27.3 secs; Megan Reid - 100m 18.7 secs, long jump 2.45m.

Under 11 girls: Ronnie Grey - whizzer throw 12.77m, long jump 2.77m, 75m 12.6 secs, 600m 2 mins 53.7 secs; Hayden Quantrill - whizzer 12.46m, 75m 13.2 secs.

Under nine girls: Issy Reid - whizzer 8.22m, standing long jump 1.29m, 75m 14.2 secs, 600m 2 mins 52.8 secs.

Under nine boys: Leon Holden - whizzer 14.94m, standing long jump 1.38m, 75m 13.8secs, 60m 2mins 21.2 secs.