Thursby is dominant in Boston Wheelers time trial

WITH just one round left in the Boston Wheelers’ 10-mile Time Trial League, Craig Thursby has stamped his authority on the field.

He cycled to a fine time of 23 mins 13 secs in round 13.

There have been some very fast rides this season, and this week was no exception, with two more personal bests by Chris Clayton and guest rider Adrian Marshall, from Yelo Velo.

Results: Craig Thursby 23-13, Darren Smith 23-43, Charlie Porter 23-52, Martin White 24-13, Pete Flint 26-08, Chris Clayton 26-42.

Private Trials: James Hedley Smith 22-50, Richard Hamblin 22-56, Adrian Marshall 24-05.

Anyone who fancies a ride can meet the Wheelers on Sunday mornings outside the Post Office at 9am.