Title invasion as Fen lose ground

The Ball House

Division One

l Eastenders 41 (6) - Stumpers 20 (0): The leaders this week were matched against Stumpers who put up a terrific battle. Enders just missed out 17-13, however, they picked up the balance of points to win 24-7.

l Invaders 49(4) - Holland Fen 27(2): Holland Fen in second spot were undone by Invaders. The Fenmen scrambled home 19-17 for two points and Invaders replied by winning 32-8.

l Cosmos 45(5) - IBC 27(1): Cosmos in third spot moved closer to the Fenmen with a win against IBC.

l Jolly Farmers 33(2) - Carlton Road 44(4): Jolly Farmers lost to the Road.

l Woodhall 31(2) - A40 35(4): Woodhall trailed 7-16 before picking up 11 shots without reply to succeed 18-16. A40 replied to win the aggregate points with a success of 19-13.

l Royal Mail 39(6) - Freelanders 22 (0): Royal Mail would be pleased to get back to winning ways with a success against Freelanders.

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Division Two

l Feathers 24(2) - Swineshead 40(4): Leaders Swineshead won a difficult game 27-9 with a bit to spare however Feathers triumphed 15-13.

l Golfers 32(2) - Kirton Town 37(4): Second placed Kirton Town matched against the Golfers saw Town drop their two points. In a roller coaster game they nicked the points 20-19.

l Parthians 32(3) - Strollers 32(3): Strollers in third spot should really have won all the points but they had to be happy with a tie. Skip Alan Everitt, for Strollers, won 18-15. However, Parthians picked up a last end count of five to win 17-14.

l Punchbowlers 48(6) - Boston Park 27 (0): Boston Park hung on in their game against Punchbowlers in the early stages but the latter proved heavyweights and were successful.

l Breakaways 34(4) - Norprint 33(2): This was a very close game. Norprint picked up a last end count of one to win 17-16. However Breakaways hung on to win 18-16.

l Halfpints 38(4) - Patriarchs 23(2): Halfpints and Patriarchs share the rink points but the former won the aggregate points thanks to a good win from Debbie Cunningham Iris Reeson and Brian Sansam.

Division Three

l BBC 19(0) - Shipmates 46(6): Shipmates put daylight between themselves and the bottom two with maximum points.

l Amateurs 38(4) - Sibsey 37(2): Sibsey in the lower regions of the table nearly frightened the leaders Amateurs..

l Highflyers 33(2) - Crowns 43(4): The Crowns in second spot were matched against third placed Highflyers. The Crowns also dropped two points.

l Burtons 29(2) - Traders 42(4): Burtons and the Traders shared the rinks but bottom team Traders won the aggregate points.

l Autos 35(6) - Fairways 25(0): Autos negotiated a tough game against an in form Fairways team to win all the points.

l Vikings 24(0) - Central 38(6): Vikings surprisingly dropped all the points to Central.