Title treble for Lambert

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GOSBERTON speedway rider Simon Lambert took his place in the history books of speedway at the weekend - becoming the only rider to win the title of National League Pairs Champion for a third time.

This was achieved at Newport, South Wales, on Saturday evening - when Simon represented his National League team, Stoke Potters, with his partner Tim Webster.

All 10 National League teams competed, putting out their best two riders.

Lambert said: “I am absolutely over the moon to win this title, with a different partner, for the third time.

“I knew that Buzz Burrows, Paul Cooper and myself had won it twice, but to top that for a third time is brilliant.”

Lambert first won the title in 2007, partnering Paul Cooper, and again in 2008 with James Cockle, each time representing the Boston Barracudas.

Lambert, who rides for the Sheffield Tigers in the Premier League, is having the best season of his career at the moment, scoring double figures racing both at home and at away tracks.

Lambert said “At the beginning of the season I made a few changes, as last year, in my view, is best forgotten.

“I had a rotten start to 2010 season until Sheffield signed me, but now this year has more than made up for it. I have a different engine tuner and a different pit crew around me for this year.”“

Leaderboard: 1 Stoke Potters - Simon Lambert and Tim Webster; 2 Newport Hornets - Todd Kurtz and Jay Herne; 3 Scunthorpe Saints - Richie Worrall and Steve Worrall.