Top awards for swimmers at Boston Open Meet

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
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The ninth Boston Open Meet was held at Grantham’s Meres Leisure Centre.

The two-day event is the main fundraising event for the Boston Amateur Swimming Club and was full to capacity with more than 250 swimmers from across the East Midlands and beyond.

The weekend was the final opportunity for swimmers to gain vital county qualifying times for the forthcoming championships.

Boston swimmers performed well and were named the Top Club.

Ten-year-old Cavan Chambers won every event that he swam in on his way to the Top Boy Trophy, while 11-year-old Lauren Woods from Lincoln Vulcans was Top Girl.

The event was sponsored by Proctor & Associates, Smart Move and Badleys Geoscience Ltd.

Firsts: Oliver Sydenham, Cavan Chambers (11), Lewis Bontoft (three), Connor Spinks (seven), Kieva Clegg (four), Charlize Arundell (seven), Lauren Hurley (four), Harley Maddison (two), Lewis McGarry (three), Katarzyna Midgley, Chloe Baldry.

Seconds: Harley Maddison (four), Lauren Hurley (five), Lewis McGarry (six), Alfie Prudden (two), James Hurley (four), Lewis Bontoft (six), Sam Macleod (two), Connor Spinks, Katarzyna Midgley (four), Chloe Baldry (three), Jessica Pettitt (three), Kieva Clegg (two), Charlize Arundell (three), Oliver Sydenham (two), Hannah Macleod, Connor Spinks, Jason Barnes (four), Michaela Arundell, Myles Beagles, Jessica Pearson, Oliver Street.

Thirds: Katarzyna Midgley (four), Chloe Baldry, Hannah Macleod (two), William Pettitt, James Hurley (three), Lewis Bontoft (four), Sam Macleod (two), Connor Spinks (two), Emily Bontoft, Lewis McGarry (five), Aliesha Bower, Millie Prudden, Anton Kiss, Lauren Hurley, Isaac Reed (three), Jason Barnes, Jessica Pearson, Harley Maddison (two), Alfie Prudden (three), Myles Beagles, Oliver Street (three), Lillia Chaffey, Oliver Sydenham, Michael Keal (four), Kieva Clegg (two), Charlize Arundell, Becky Pimlott.

Personal bests: Rosanna Abbott (six), Oliver Abrantes (five), Michaela Arundell (two), Charlize Arundell (three), Chloe Baldry (three), Jason Barnes (five), Myles Beagles (three), Emily Bontoft (three) Aliesha Bower (eight), Lillia Chaffey (four), Bethany Chambers (five), Cavan Chambers (eight), Kieva Clegg (four), Malachi Clegg (two), Niamh Dunn (five), Pasquale Fiore (three), Megan Glynn, Ben Gosling (four), Samuel Humberstone (two), Lauren Hurley (two), Holly Hutchings (two), Michael Keal (two), Xristina Keeler (two), Anton Kiss (five), Thomas Liddy, Amelia Locking (two), Harley Maddison (five), Sam Macleod (five), Chloe Mallett, Lewis McGarry (three), Katarzyna Midgley (five), Danielle Miles (two), Rochelle Miles (two), Jessica Pearson (four), Jessica Pettitt, William Pettitt, Becky Pimlott (two), Edward Proctor (three), Alfie Prudden (four), Isaac Reed, Joe Reed (six), Grace Roberts (four), Connor Spinks, Lottie Street (three), Oliver Street (two), Oliver Sydenham (five), Isabelle Thomsett (three), Connor Tonge (three), George Vickers (two), Eloise Winterflood (eight).