Top four flex their muscles in indoor bowls league

THE pacesetters in Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League all picked up maximum points...

THE top four all picked up maximum points, but fifth-placed Invaders lost all six to Freelanders.

The leaders Eastenders edged past Jolly Farmers, while Cosmos, in second, dismissed bottom team Stumpers.

Third-placed Holland Fen beat Woodhall and A40 got the better of Royal Mail.

Carlton Road moved up to fifth after taking all the points from IBC, while Invaders were put to the sword by Freelanders, who began the week 21 points behind them.

Results: Eastenders 57 (6) Jolly Farmers 19 (0), Cosmos 52 (6) Stumpers 22 (0), Carlton Road 49 (6) IBC 17 (0), Holland Fen 49 (6) Woodhall 26 (0), Freelanders 53 (6) Invaders 23 (0), Royal Mail 19 (0) A40 43 (6).

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Ltd Division Two

THE top three found life tough in the division this week, with lower teams all picking up points against them.

Top team Swineshead finished pointless against fifth-placed Golfers and Kirton Town, second in the league, shared the rink points with Punchbowlers, the latter claiming the aggregate points.

Strollers, in third, also finished pointless against Breakaways.

Halfpints, second-bottom in the table, had a good result against Parthians, securing all the points.

Mid-table teams Patriarchs and Norprint were matched against each other, the former claiming all the points.

Feathers versus Boston Park saw the Feathers take the lion’s share of the points to secure victory.

Results: Parthians 29 (0) Halfpints 37 (6), Breakaways 54 (6) Strollers 22 (0), Patriarchs 43 (6) Norprint 31 (0), Kirton Town 36 (2) Punchbowlers 39 (4), Swineshead 27 (0) Golfers 38 (6), Feathers 42 (4) Boston Park 28 (2).

Division Three

TOP team Crowns showed they are not going to relinquish their top spot easily. Matched against the Burtons they were in scintillating form to take all the points as second-placed Amateurs took maximum points against the Fairways. Highflyers won six points against Shipmates while BBC beat Traders and Sibsey beat Traders by the same score.

The Autos beat Vikings.

Results: Autos 31 (2) Vikings 39 (4), Amateurs 41 (6) Fairways 21 (0), Central 30 (0) Sibsey 32 (6), Crowns 41 (6) Shipmates 33 (0), 21 (0) Highflyers 48 (6), BBC 44 (6) Traders 21 (0).