Top ten finish for Dennis in Steeples and Spires event

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BOSTON and District Athletic Club distance runners have been competing at various events in the East Midlands.

In the recent annual Steeples and Spires Challenge trail event from Lincoln to Sleaford Dennis Rainbow finished in fifth place.

Ken Townsend participated in the walking option of the full challenge. Emma Penniston and Fran Mills completed the half marathon option from Metheringham to Sleaford.

Emma clocked two hours with Fran completing her first big target event in 2hrs 15mins.

Tim Swan-Smith ran in the Leicester Marathon finishing 120th in 3hrs 51mins 3secs.

Ian Scott made his debut for the Gold Tops at the Great Eastern Half Marathon at Peterborough recording 1hr 39mins 57secs. In the same event Andrew Bailey clocked 2hrs 19mins 3secs.