Top two do battle in bowls league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

It was first against second this week in the Orchard Podiatry Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League.

And leaders Holland Fen came out on top thanks to Abb French, Mick and Martin Tomlin, who stormed into a 24-0 lead - including two full house counts of six in nine ends - eventually running out 32-10.

A40 picked up two points as Lewis Skinner, Maggie Kisby and Jim Gott won 25-23.

Eastenders recorded a 6-0 victory over Jolly Farmers, wins coming from M. Whyers (26-10) and A. Reeson (18-16).

Carlton Road pipped Royal Mail 6-0 (C. Gill 17-12 and L. Feary 20-18), while IBC beat Swineshead 4-2, M. Asplen’s 27-10 bettering K. Bycroft’s 16-7.

Invaders and Half Pints had a close game, which the former won 6-0 thanks to S. Tebbs (20-16) and R. West (22-21).

The top two in the T&B Containers Division Two both dropped points this week, allowing third-placed Golfers to close the gap with a thumping 6-0 win over Feathers, N. Ablard (26-13) and G. Scarboro (22-6) doing the business.

Norprint beat Patriarchs 4-2 (D. France’s 19-12 bettering R. Woods’ 18-16) and Punchbowlers beat Strollers 4-2 (a 28-13 from T. Bush beating the 21-12 reply from M. Hippisley).

Bottom team Boston Park got their first win of the season with a close 4-2 over highflying Breakaways, a 19-13 from A. Batchelor just beating J. Stevens’ 21-16 by one shot.

Poachers beat The Crowns 6-0 (M. Dodes 23-14, J. Sellars 22-11) while Parthians slipped a place after a surprising 4-2 defeat by Amateurs, M. Greet’s 20-16 beating P. Bedford’s close 17-16.

Cammacks Division Three leaders The Burtons beat chasing Sibsey 6-0, C. Hill (26-7) and C. Newham (16-15) victorious.

Vikings put a halt to Central’s gallop up the table with a 5-1 win, P. Jacklin winning 25-14 to complement a 15-15 draw between D. Staples and M. Nicholls.

Shipmates stay in contention after a 4-2 win over BBC, D. Locking 18-9 beating the 22-19 reply from D. May.

Sibsey recorded a 4-2 win over High Flyers, S. Bridges’ 29-7 beating I. Roberts’ 19-17 reply.

Hotspurs had a good result with a 4-2 win over Fairways, D. Fox (21-6) easily accounting for C. Nundy’s 13-10 reply and The Autos also jump up after a 4-2 over U3, a 26-6 from B. Skelton claiming the aggregate with J. Gunson finishing 3-4 to win 18-17 for a good two points.

High Flyers move up from one off the bottom to halfway after a good 6-0 in their second game of the week against Traders, R. Goodale (21-10) and E. Lewis (17-9) victorious.