TT 26th spot

Phil and Hayley in action. Photo: Peter Bull.
Phil and Hayley in action. Photo: Peter Bull.
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Boston sidecar driver Phil Biggadyke completed his second sidecar race at the Isle of Man TT festival on Thursday, in a 26th place.

Phil and passenger Hayley Jayne Capewell posted their fastest lap of the week on lap two (92.8mph) and bettered their Saturday time of 91.509 with an average speed over the three laps of 91.973mph.

The race should have taken place on Wednesday but the weather closed in and, with wet roads and mist on the mountain, it was too dangerous for the crews to race.

They sat it out until Thursday when, again, there was a delay, but this time just for two hours as the mist on the mountain cleared by lunchtime and they set off at 2.15pm.

Biggadyke and Capewell began their second assault of the 37.73-mile mountain road course from 45th position.

At the end of the first lap the pair had moved up into 39th position with an average speed of 92.54mph, which was slightly quicker than race one.

As they passed the Glen Helen check point on lap two they were up to 37th and recorded a speed of 130.1mph at the Sulby speed trap.

By the time they reached the Grandstand at the end of the lap they were up to 33rd and set off on the final lap full of confidence that they could complete their race even further up the field.

At Glen Helen they were 29th and with a few riders forced to retire on the final lap they picked up more places on the run across the mountain and the drop back down to the Grandstand to finish the race in 26th position.