Upsall ends Boston ABC’s boxing season on a high

Tommy Upsall. YSxNvuok_snIH__6j3QV
Tommy Upsall. YSxNvuok_snIH__6j3QV

Tommy Upsall ended his season with one final fight victory.

As Boston ABC wind down for their summer break, Upsall answered the call to face Attleborough’s Connor Holloway in Thetford at the weekend after his matched opponent pulled out of the contest.

At 20 years of age, Holloway has a decent record but was showing no respect for his new opponent.

However, Upsall was unfazed by his opponent’s mind games.

The contest started as expected, with Holloway rushing Upsall and taking the opening round.

However, it appeared that he had over-extended himself.

Fromthe start of round two, Upsall pressed forward and found his counter moves paid off.

Upsall appeared to even things up going into the third round, where Holloway began showboating.

However, Upsall gained control of the round, with his opponent offering no reply.

The bell saved Holloway from what looked likely to become a TKO, and the result was in favour of the Boston pugilist.

The previous week Upsall fought Tom Hirst form Central ABC at a show in Lincoln.

Upsall looked to be behind after his cautious start to the first round, but soon got into his stride as the bell sounded for round two.

At the end of the fourth round, both fighters appeared to have won two rounds each - but it was Hirst, his nose bloodied, who claimed the unanimous victory.

Talented junior Coby Brown faced Lewis Birtle from Newark ABC.

Brown was a little slow getting started, but in the final round he gained control, forcing his opponent back to the ropes, unleashing a barrage of solid combinations.

It was enough to win on a split decision.

Blake Emmerson was hoping to gain revenge on William Mills, of Bracebridge ABC, following a recent defeat.

However, he was outclassed and suffered a unanimous decision, despite pushing himself well.

Boston ABC has closed its doors for the season, but will carry on with a number of fitness classes and sessions.

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